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What is TikTok and how to make a TikTok video?

Wherever you look, you hear Tiktok, TikTok, and only TikTok. What is TikTok and how to make a TikTok video?

Nowadays everyone is making videos on TikTok. This TikTok video app has become popular very quickly. Till a while ago, video websites were only YouTube and Facebook, their popularity has dropped significantly due to the introduction of the TikTok video app.

People are very fond of this entertaining app. It has got millions of users only in India. This app is awesome and has such features to help you create and upload a creative video in a few seconds.

On the other hand, some people do not know much about TikTok. Please read this article for complete information about it.

About TikTok App

TikTok is a type of video-sharing app that allows users to create 15-second videos on any topic. TikTok is its short name.

Tiktok is a social media video application that works on both iOS and Android platforms. Using this video app, you can create videos with your talent and can share them on other social media platforms. TikTok also maintains its separate application for the Chinese market called Duyin, which has around 400 million active monthly users.

When and who created the TikTok App

TikTok app was launched by ByteDance outside of China in 2017.

Where TikTok App is used?

TikTok is a free social media app, using which you can watch, create and share videos. Apart from this, you will get the soundtrack of all the top hit music on your mobile phone. You can add this soundtrack to your video so that more and more people can hear and see it.

How to download TikTok App

If you want to use the TikTok app then you have to download it first, so let’s know how to download the TikTok app below.


Download App – First of all download the TikTok app from your play store or you can download it from the below-mentioned link.

TikTok Android app download 

TikTok IOS app download – First need to register


Install App – Then, Install the application now.

Open App – After installation, you may open the app and use it.

Why TikTok is so popular?

1.Used by Celebrities

This application has been liked and used by many celebrities, many celebrities have used it to promote their film, due to which the popularity of the application has increased to a great extent.

Many times it has been seen that this application has paid partnerships with celebrities so that they have challenged the local people to attract them, due to which the popularity of this application was greatly increased.

2.Focus on keeping local content

Another big reason for the TikTok app is so popular, although it is a global app it has a strong focus on local content. This Tiktok app has a lot of local content and challenges that make it very popular.

With this app, people are challenged to upload their creativity videos on this application and the top 10 and whatever it may be, among them, are awarded. This activity forces people to upload videos to win the challenges. This activity is making this app popular day by day.

3.Easy to create and share content

Tik​​Tok app has made the creation and sharing of videos so easy for users and even non-technical persons can play it easily. Now users can easily record anything and post it immediately from their routine schedule as it contains short videos so there is neither difficulty in making videos nor difficulty in viewing.

How to create a TikTok Account

Once you install the TikTok app on your smartphone, you will need to create an account to use it, so let’s know how to create an account in the TikTok app


Open App – First of all, open the TikTok app.


Tap Profile – In the last, you will see an option of a profile on which you have to click.


Create Account – Now you can create your account in it, if you want, you can also create an account with your phone number and your email ID. Apart from this, you can also create it with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google account.


Sign Up – The easiest way is to create an account using your phone number and email, so by doing this, you will have to click on Sign up with phone and email.


Enter Phone Number & Email Id –  To create an account, you need a phone number as well as your email. When you enter your phone number, you can get a verification code, which you must enter to activate.


Enter Password – At the end of the account creation process, you have to enter the password for your account, after that your account is ready and now you can use it

How to use TikTok App

If you are completely new to using the TikTok app, you will probably also have a lot of questions on how to use this TikTok app, but there is nothing to worry about because you will get all the information here.


Home – As soon as you open the TikTok app, two options will appear in front of you, one is named Following and the other is Follow Me. If you click on the following, you will see the videos you are following. If you click on follow me, you will only see the videos you made.


Search – In this also you get the option of searching like other social apps, with the help of which you can find a creator or any user, just you have to search its name.


Plus Button – You will see it somewhere in the middle when you click on it, then you can record the video, you can also upload it later.


Notification – This is the notification icon. It tells who has liked your video, who has commented and who has followed you.


Profile – This is an option in which you see all the information about yourself and you can change them at any time.

How to make a TikTok Video

Now you know what is TikTok app, where to download this app. After that, you have to know how you can make a video using it. Making videos on TikTok is very easy, so it becomes more popular in a short time. By this, you can make a great video by choosing very good music with your talent, which people may find very interesting and they can be entertained very well.

Follow as per below

  • First of all, open your app, you will see a + (plus) button in the bottom, Pl click on it.
  • After this, you have to select a sound for which you have to click on the pick a sound button on the screen.
  • Now you will see a playlist of many sounds, in which you have to choose one, whichever you like. Or you can select the song from your mobile by clicking on the option My Sound.
  • Now you can see many more options on the right side of the screen, including countdown, beauty mode, effects, motion, filters, etc. All of these options have their functions, and you can choose it where needed.
  • Now it is time to record the video, for this you can easily make a 3 to 15-second video by clicking on the video button.
  • Now here comes the last step of the video, once you record the video, you can make all the necessary changes to it, as you can add special effects, you can make changes to the audio.

After you have done all this, you have to enter a title and hashtag for the video, then you can publish it. Once you publish your video, you can share it on various social media platforms so that more and more people can watch your video.


I sincerely hope you liked this article. It has been my endeavor that I give you all the information about the TikTok app. Now I think you will be able to make very good videos and use the TikTok app through this article. Nevertheless, if you require any further information, please contact us.