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Derivative of cot

Actually Cot is a short way to express ‘cotangent’. It is the reciprocal of the trigonometric function ‘tangent’ or tan(x). Learn how to derive the derivative of cot.

Derivative of Cot(x):- The derivative of Cot(x) could be found by following the method given below.

Let Y = cot(x)

Y = 1/(tan x)

Y = 1/(sin x/cos x)

# [Tan x = (sin x)/(cos x )]

Y = (cos x)/(sin x)

Now Let g(x) = Cos x , h(x) = Sin x and Y’ = dy/dx

Derivative of cot

# by applying quotient rule

Derivative of cot

Derivative of cot

# taking negative common

Derivative of cot

# sin2x + cos2x = 1

Y’= – cosec2x         … ANSWER

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